Sunday, April 23, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson and Cat Despira's Honeymoon LIVE on Facebook exposed fraud and panty sniffer fabrication

Patrick seems to think he has people of merit and honor on his side but his own pals even in wrestling cannot stand him thanks to someone on his wall copied this for us before Patrick Erase anything damning Patterson did!!!!

Funny thing is Patrick knows nothing about how TV and Showbiz works but of course he thinks he does!!!!!
 Little Secret FACT we got from SAG Actor Rudy J. Ferretti first off reality shows are supposed to be 100% Reality fabricating them open you to lawsuits and furthermore you are nobody of merit in showbiz till you are sag e or SAG_AFTRA, it is NOT what Patrick claims they do as usual the man is MR. opposite, there has been footage of patrick and photos of him going through Obituaries and digging with shovels but not posted because we know he will report it like he does everything else, just like Politicians the Clintons Patterson loves to pretend!!!! Also when you are tryingto make it BIG you need to be in shape not a big fat lump of trash and over 300 lbs with not knowing where your neck starts and ends, you can be Obese later!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you know TOP people related to you or of course HAVE sex with a top producer nobody will LOOK at you take you serious at 300 plus lbs and morbidly Obese!!!!!!!!!! You go into the Business for passion and love not for fame and to make money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Patrick has been talking about BIG deal with TV since 2007 folks it's mid 2017
 Trash or not Patrick will do anything to get attention it's trash in itself you see Cat Calling him out praise to the Super Pig
 Yes Patrick the shows and deals in Development for the past 10 years and you are right just because SOMEONE exposes and claims truth on something doesn't make it true in reality which means when you say something is TRUE makes it a possible and likely LIE and when you claim foul and LIE makes it LIKELY true!!!!! Nobody of Merit Knows Rene either nor cares, taking trash u got in a big big storage bin and little by little showing it like u get deals daily is SO not original!!!!!!
 So Patrick how does your wife feel you and your family live in the same home in the same situation that you were in 2007? living on ACA which for everyone who don't know is GOV'T HEALTHCARE assistance BTW that tax payer dollars pay for, real people with careers and jobs don't live off that!!!!!
 Of course it's staged NO great deals EXIST today it's proven everyone caught on with Craigslist to ebay to yard sales and thrift stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Patrick make his 50.00 an episode or of course ONE episode and fabricate IMDB some more and his 50-100 panel and free room to super shit con

Patrick Scott Patterson must feel like a big strong man living off Melissa and President Trump

Keep Fabricating Life Patrick one day it's gonna catch up!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Scott Patterson and the Obituary Estate hunt, with illegal tresspassing with no adventure!!!! with freaks and geeks

In recent weeks numerous people have caught on to the scams and fraud and called out and like always he has to speak on it to try and sway the facts into sugar coated honey BBQ wings with lies of Kidney stones, and diverticuitus and PSC clinics for the gut!!!!

We have gotten emails from a snarky jefferson someone very close to Patrick revealing his scams and lies little by little, this has now gotten to the point where Cat his one time side chick calls him out on fraud.

Little facts whatever Patrick claims is the exact opposite :

Examples saying he has a job or going to work means he is unemployed because if dumpster diving and garbage picking following people around to estates with obituaries and shovels is not only sick it proves our points on his corpse writing.

Patrick awaits for people to pass on and either writes about them or tries to cash in on money to create a new store and clearly he is selling stuff to freaks and geeks fro profit and other thrift pawn shops.......

He says he doesn't shop good will yet thrift shops include good will, what fitbot does he have looking like beeker and the gut size of the state of Texas and more meat on the neck than brisket with 99% fat on it? Fit Bit eating fast food 7 days a week and not working out or hard gets you 0 results.

It reminds me of this commercial of metal detectors don't worry we didn't steal this video for profit we are just re post the link Patrick Scott Patterson's job Melissa must be really proud Patrick!!!! and Brody too

now the info we have is that he is trying to get all the stuff he can to open a new store being the primary guy, and of course fabricate the stories he doesn't find good deals nor did he collect in the 90s it's a stolen story Rudy J. Ferretti spoke of, Patrick was wrestling in the 90s never played a game till 2005 in his life, this is why his mom and dad and family are nowhere to be found nor speak, they are so embarrassed to say the least.....

Patrick and his pals at freaks and geeks found a big storage bin and show stuff little by little in photos on dirty homes and carpets and of course hot blacktop on the ground, great preservation.....

Little fact On Reality TV it's supposed to be as real as possible or you open yourself up to lawsuits
Nobody big is sniffing for a reality show on hunting games or anything else
Reality TV year one makes no money
Patrick is not trying to be a star or preservation guy for passion or loves it's about MONEY
Mistake one you do not go into TV to make money the money comes if you know the right people eventually
Mistake 2 You are NOBODY in the business till you are SAG E or SAG even after that you have dues to pay
Mistake 3 You cannot be morbidly OBESE before you make it
Mistake 4 Lying your way to the top doesn't work
Mistake 5 Real Celebs and talents don't post their life story and pity party and brag fabricated situations and stories 24/7 on Social Media