Sunday, April 23, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson and Cat Despira's Honeymoon LIVE on Facebook exposed fraud and panty sniffer fabrication

Patrick seems to think he has people of merit and honor on his side but his own pals even in wrestling cannot stand him thanks to someone on his wall copied this for us before Patrick Erase anything damning Patterson did!!!!

Funny thing is Patrick knows nothing about how TV and Showbiz works but of course he thinks he does!!!!!
 Little Secret FACT we got from SAG Actor Rudy J. Ferretti first off reality shows are supposed to be 100% Reality fabricating them open you to lawsuits and furthermore you are nobody of merit in showbiz till you are sag e or SAG_AFTRA, it is NOT what Patrick claims they do as usual the man is MR. opposite, there has been footage of patrick and photos of him going through Obituaries and digging with shovels but not posted because we know he will report it like he does everything else, just like Politicians the Clintons Patterson loves to pretend!!!! Also when you are tryingto make it BIG you need to be in shape not a big fat lump of trash and over 300 lbs with not knowing where your neck starts and ends, you can be Obese later!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you know TOP people related to you or of course HAVE sex with a top producer nobody will LOOK at you take you serious at 300 plus lbs and morbidly Obese!!!!!!!!!! You go into the Business for passion and love not for fame and to make money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Patrick has been talking about BIG deal with TV since 2007 folks it's mid 2017
 Trash or not Patrick will do anything to get attention it's trash in itself you see Cat Calling him out praise to the Super Pig
 Yes Patrick the shows and deals in Development for the past 10 years and you are right just because SOMEONE exposes and claims truth on something doesn't make it true in reality which means when you say something is TRUE makes it a possible and likely LIE and when you claim foul and LIE makes it LIKELY true!!!!! Nobody of Merit Knows Rene either nor cares, taking trash u got in a big big storage bin and little by little showing it like u get deals daily is SO not original!!!!!!
 So Patrick how does your wife feel you and your family live in the same home in the same situation that you were in 2007? living on ACA which for everyone who don't know is GOV'T HEALTHCARE assistance BTW that tax payer dollars pay for, real people with careers and jobs don't live off that!!!!!
 Of course it's staged NO great deals EXIST today it's proven everyone caught on with Craigslist to ebay to yard sales and thrift stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Patrick make his 50.00 an episode or of course ONE episode and fabricate IMDB some more and his 50-100 panel and free room to super shit con

Patrick Scott Patterson must feel like a big strong man living off Melissa and President Trump

Keep Fabricating Life Patrick one day it's gonna catch up!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Scott Patterson and the Obituary Estate hunt, with illegal tresspassing with no adventure!!!! with freaks and geeks

In recent weeks numerous people have caught on to the scams and fraud and called out and like always he has to speak on it to try and sway the facts into sugar coated honey BBQ wings with lies of Kidney stones, and diverticuitus and PSC clinics for the gut!!!!

We have gotten emails from a snarky jefferson someone very close to Patrick revealing his scams and lies little by little, this has now gotten to the point where Cat his one time side chick calls him out on fraud.

Little facts whatever Patrick claims is the exact opposite :

Examples saying he has a job or going to work means he is unemployed because if dumpster diving and garbage picking following people around to estates with obituaries and shovels is not only sick it proves our points on his corpse writing.

Patrick awaits for people to pass on and either writes about them or tries to cash in on money to create a new store and clearly he is selling stuff to freaks and geeks fro profit and other thrift pawn shops.......

He says he doesn't shop good will yet thrift shops include good will, what fitbot does he have looking like beeker and the gut size of the state of Texas and more meat on the neck than brisket with 99% fat on it? Fit Bit eating fast food 7 days a week and not working out or hard gets you 0 results.

It reminds me of this commercial of metal detectors don't worry we didn't steal this video for profit we are just re post the link Patrick Scott Patterson's job Melissa must be really proud Patrick!!!! and Brody too

now the info we have is that he is trying to get all the stuff he can to open a new store being the primary guy, and of course fabricate the stories he doesn't find good deals nor did he collect in the 90s it's a stolen story Rudy J. Ferretti spoke of, Patrick was wrestling in the 90s never played a game till 2005 in his life, this is why his mom and dad and family are nowhere to be found nor speak, they are so embarrassed to say the least.....

Patrick and his pals at freaks and geeks found a big storage bin and show stuff little by little in photos on dirty homes and carpets and of course hot blacktop on the ground, great preservation.....

Little fact On Reality TV it's supposed to be as real as possible or you open yourself up to lawsuits
Nobody big is sniffing for a reality show on hunting games or anything else
Reality TV year one makes no money
Patrick is not trying to be a star or preservation guy for passion or loves it's about MONEY
Mistake one you do not go into TV to make money the money comes if you know the right people eventually
Mistake 2 You are NOBODY in the business till you are SAG E or SAG even after that you have dues to pay
Mistake 3 You cannot be morbidly OBESE before you make it
Mistake 4 Lying your way to the top doesn't work
Mistake 5 Real Celebs and talents don't post their life story and pity party and brag fabricated situations and stories 24/7 on Social Media


Monday, March 13, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson Claims his haters are cowards yet, he has had them barred and banned from events out of fear of confrontation

Patrick Scott Patterson sure is great at lying and fabricating stories but, it's quiet Obvious he is the one that stalks and watches and loves everything Rudy J. Ferretti does, but loves to out the spin on it and play a victim!!!!!!!

Notice in this next daily Pity post he ignores the fundraiser scams and irs issues that are about to arise!!!!!

NOW A question I get asked a lot is how I handle those who claim to hate me yet can't stop looking at me or talking about me, gaslighting and ranting over the smallest things and telling flat out lies about everything from my work and finances to my friends and family.

Response- No you don't get asked a lot about anything, you like to make it sound like you do though, you are the one that hates and cannot stop looking it's proven in your posts and rants daily, you gaslight yourself with lies and dismay and when called out you go coo coo for coco puffs, despite the character has a better appearance than you, nothing small about fraud Patterson, nor are there any lies in what we post about you, just because it's posted against you doesn't make it fake news remember hypocrite?, we know and you make it obvious what you do for a living and your friends are bought, and your family protects you and your wife is the bread winner and your a house wife to say the least!!!!!!!

I see a lot of you going through this sort of stuff, too. From YouTubers and Twitch streamers to actors and chefs and artists, I see all your posts about it in my feed, too.
Over the years, I've come to see that sort of reaction as a badge of honor and a source of humor, and so should all of you. For someone to react and discuss anything and everything you do is a sign that they are emotionally invested in you. They care, and regardless of why they care or why they convince themselves they care, they do. 

Response- you have no actors that support you or know who you are number one, actors don't go ranting like you do on a daily basis nor on social media 18 hours a day fabricating their fake Z Hollywood story, you react to everything Rudy and others do, maybe you are emotionally disturbed and interested in him?, you care obviously, you like to convince idiots and yourself you don't but you do as in your post to twist the facts. I ask how many posts did cat help you write and how many words did you steal from the election???? 

For every one of them, there are 100 more who care in a positive way... maybe more. They just aren't as loud as often but they are out there, and you should listen to them when they tell you as much.
Where I find the humor - besides the leaps of logic they often use - is the fact that they only exist in the safe space known as the Internet. Over the past several years, I've been to 35+ video game and pop culture related conventions... and a guest or partner in over 20 of them. Several of these events were also attended by said haters. Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Tulsa, Nashville, Iowa, North Carolina.... so on and so forth... coast to coast. And this isn't counting the smaller community based events and encounters out and about various cities.

Response- Dude you cannot even get 100 likes on your posts unless it's a cute child or some internet post or pic you stole and repost or writing about a famous notable dead person.  I love how you say they are just silent nice twist, like you listen when you get feedback, you block, silence and or argue, you don't understand how to listen, take advice or change your ill ways, it's a serious sickness you have, and you been told by many. I find humor in your leaps of logic, your safe space is on Facebook, you never gone to 35 events in the past 10 years yeah 35 mostly same places, you have SO never been to Carolina and if you were were is the proof? I will say this spare us u get a free room or shared room and sometimes 100 bucks clap clap big big things Patrick, you don't go coast to coast you are small time and anyone of merit knows it!!!!

Total number of in-person confrontations by these loudmouths? Zero. 0. Non. Nil.

 Response- of course 0 You emailed people about Rudy in fear called them begged them to bar and ban him from ANY event you attend, Rudy was ready to confront you in Vegas coward, you barred him, and the canceled, you bought a gun and got a carry license out of fear of Rudy J. Ferretti, everyone knows it, you are in fear of debating Rudy and any other person that figured you, you bar them from your wall and events, you called Super shit con, and said bar rudy, cge same, all events in Texas,  Rudy has gotten the calls and emails, you lie and say you were threatened, you a coward Patrick. I wish you would open up to that debate or confrontation but you won't Rudy has tried for years but you know you would get trounced in a debate or argument, so you avoid it and make yourself look good.

AND I have zero respect for a person who can only act tough online, yet cower in person. I have zero fear of a person who can only run me down from afar but has nothing to say when 20 feet away from me, or who can't even take a drive down the street and be the same person in real life that they are behind a keyboard.

Response- You have had opportunities to See Rudy face to face in Vegas, Cali and more how can Rudy confront you, debate you or spit in your face when you bar and and get him banned from his own events? You are in fear that is why you say you have no fear, we need to just call you Mr. Opposite, you been offered a grand paypal to be on Rudy's show with Josh, you ignored, you were offered 5k to Kill screen DK you ignored, because your a fraud, your really tough and brilliant behind your keyboard, reporting, complaining on a by min basis.

 OHHH  Hell, few of them even have the stones enough to call me or send a direct e-mail with their beef. I can only laugh and continue to focus on my work, family and various adventures.

Responses- Yes when we call you you ignore or in fear write I will report you for harassment, like a little girl, instead of picking that phone up and trying to debate or plead your case, you don't focus you go and post in code or out loud crying about people shitting on and exposing your ill and dirty work. I love that various garbage pick, thrift shop and good will or auctions adventures hip hip hooray, and yeah work to get the 10k you make living off social media and the govt.

NOW Each and every one of you can as well. It takes time to get there, but you'll get there. If you focus on you and THEY focus on you, then who wins? You do. It's not lost on me that my longest-term stalker fans are in the exact same places in their lives today than they were when they started... because they waste their time on me rather than themselves.
Don't get distracted by the keyboard cowboys out there. Stay focused, stay hungry and keep on going.

Response- It don't take over ten years Patrick, and ill practices and short cuts don't get you there, you don't focus on you, you focus on RUDY and them so THEY WIN, you lose daily, you are the stalker the TG Archives prove that from 2006, that will one day be public, you know the ones you and the wifey called jace in the middle of the night to cover up? I love how you say Rudy is in the same exact place where he started, he has been on national award winning television, in real films, has become the most elite classic gamer, and is SAG, you have a resume of self entered and stolen material, you are flat broke, no real job, live off the govt , you live in the same home, Rudy has places in two states, new cars, get your facts correct, you write and piss on keyboards all day, you are the John Wayne of the Keyboard Cowboys, we know you are hungry keep eating that greasy fast food 7 days a week, maybe your apple and voice box will reappear!!!!!!!!!

And how many more mag and social media jobs u lose
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson running a potential illegal charity both on facebook and online

 Patrick Scott Patterson known for underhanded doings may have crossed the line!!!!!!!!!

We have in good faith reported the organization for potential fraud and copyright violations to the IRS
yeah he's also using bootleg 60 in 1 boards to make the games.
that's copyright infringement.
the real game companies do NOT put out just boards it's sold as a dedicated or a complete kit with graphics.
a total scam all the way around.
this guy will do anything to make a buck.

 Their 501(c)(3) Documentation MUST be shown clearly on ALL sites associated with the charity including FB

Now of course we cannot blame Patterson and the nice elderly people since they just didn't know they were hiring a scam artist and of course Patterson only knows how to do illegal practices!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is all kids of copyright infringements on this site and page and for 284 likes and no posts which also tells us he bought likes on Fiverr or blaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice cheap illegal 60-1 boards and monitors from China being used here looks like the machines are backwoods made
Whoever took the picture didn't drink their V-8 and it looks like the CP was painted with rustoleum paint and and old surf board was used maybe a skate board, with cheap happ knock offs, but yet bashes a masterpiece like this

that was an old ready for trash nintendo wide cab ready for trash brought back to life and converted and Patrick bashed it, it's now worth more than the original piece!!!!!!!!!! but according to Patrick Scott Patterson it was destroyed?????

Just Jealous because he doesn't have the skill,talent or ability Keith and the person who made this cabinet refurb has!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Scott Patterson The Hypocrite of the Century!!!!

Patrick Scott Patterson proves he is indeed with no doubt the Grand Hypocrite of the Century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick- SEE On the left: Dedicated cabinets. By their very definition, those cabinets were made to play one game and one game only. The cabinets usually fit the theme of that specific game throughout, and are considered by knowledgeable video game fans as works of art in and of themselves. These games left their original factories dedicated to the game they originally housed.
On the right: 8-liner cabinets. By their very definition, they are generic cabinets made to house whatever game someone chooses to place in them.

Response- right here is the issue WHO are you to say what qualifies to be re used, converted, trashed and or cheaply modern upgraded? they are ALL dedicated cabinets the gambling cabinets are no generic because self absorbed suddenly magically Mr. Opposite Patrick says so.  I can tell you and other we spoke to in the gambling industry these have been made dedicated from their shops and or factories for one reason, VIDEO GAMBLING, you have shown the hypocrisy, putting cheap 60-1 boards from china and led china monitors is just as an insult to collectors in that area but, because it's not your area Patrick, its ok to ruin modify and destroy, despite more of these are avail than video game cabinets combined and made. And yes anyone can place or do whatever they like in any cabinet of their choice but you somehow in your simple mind think you are the authority of Arcade Cabinets and drop a load on someone who modifies and or re-models one with upgraded parts. I guess you forgot how many cabinets you ruined and destroyed and boards, stealing money from others in your short lived failed business????

 NOW Many types of them ship empty, and are not specific to any game. They are quite literally made to be generic install-what-you-wish cabinets. There seems to be some obsession-driven gaslighting going on right now by those with nothing better to do than follow me around, getting easily offended at anything I say or do. They are either intentionally confusing these two types of cabinets in order to justify further harassment, stalking and defamation or they don't know enough to know the difference at all.

Response- No they don't ship empty they are made born and produced in shops and factories specific for airports, casinos and truck stops to say the least, no obsession it's called you need to be called out on your two face, hypocritical do anything to profit from ways. I love how you think we follow you around when you prove DAILY all you do is follow everything I do and Rudy and others do, nobody is offended, if you make a stance you stand by it, it's not Patrick can pick and choose but, you seem to think because you make a imaginary seal of approval and what qualifies as generic and or dedicated, proving you have no clue or historical knowledge on this stuff. It's nothing confusing or intentional and there is no harassment, defamation, or stalking, you clearly prove that daily, you are a fake and phony and it kills you to know some will not let it continue!!!!!!!

NOW One of the very first stipulations of me accepting the job with Charity Arcade was that no Dedicated machines would be used to build them. However, generic 8-liner machines - machines that were not made for any specific game - is what I was informed would be used. In spoke in person with the person constructing the Charity Arcade cabinets that he will keep to this rule with no exceptions.

Response- You did in fact except a job, you control their web page which looks like your same page with cheap video and copyrighted music uploads, and we confirmed you were hired when calling and they were concerned after learning your stance on president and your hypocritical view on arcade cabs, and just because you say no dedicated cabs will be modified and or harmed, means nothing only to your sheep paid for followers and friends, you have no credibility since you silenced any opposing sides, on all social media aspects and of course lying saying you don't block anyone, yet all people of gaming merit are blocked. I love how you say you made a rule like your the boss and no exceptions, and once again they are all the same cabinets are dedicated to games specific always, these are not generic, clearly!!!!

NOW I have never wavered on my stance on this, going all the way back to my early online video game discussions on RGVAC and KLOV. I feel that dedicated cabinets should never be used for anything other than the game they were made specifically for. However, generic cabinets can be whatever one wants... that's what they were made for. Charity Arcade is only using generic cabinets. There is no confusion here.

Response- Just like you never wavered on the hundreds and 1000s of lies and changing of positions over the years right? You mean like saying you always were big on scoring and events as a child and later to see didn't ever care about high scores? I like to see these early RGVAC and KLOV broadcasts where are they and what year? 2008 2009, that's about 8 years. I feel and real all around cabinet collectors feel no cabinets including gambling ones should be cheaply converted and even IF they are generic how come all the sudden you support cheap monitors and boards for those. I myself and others find it insulting you seem to have this imaginary belief wood, metal and craftsmanship is somehow now useless because you see some cabs as generic, what about the men and woman that built them, so their work is out the door due to your self centered selfish practices? So because it's Patrick Scott Patterson approved it's ok, we don't think so......

 AND Now, what's sad here is that a couple of deeply disturbed stalker-types are dragging their personal obsessions with me to a point here where they are bothering a charity organization over their petty, childish and mentally irregular hang-ups about me. On top of that, it's a charity organization run by good-hearted people with traditional conservative values - something these harassers CLAIM to be about.

Response- A couple? huh try quite a few not including the several that called the company and emailed you and called you out for being a hypocritical liar, do you not comprehend and or realize how bad this makes you look? I beg to differ nobody bothered anyone the conversation was quite pleasant and they were re considering you and we can only hope, and yes they were good people and very traditional unlike yourself.......

 NOW I haven't spoken of nor taken action toward these people for several months now. For those who say "ignore them and they will stop" know that they actually escalated once I went radio silent on them, all the way to the point that they are harassing a charity organization. While it's not as low as that time they signed a family funeral home guestbook in order to wage their imaginary "war" with me, it gets close.

Response- You have not spoken of any of them huh, like your in code daily, weekly and monthly pity posts about them? what action Patrick what Avenue, you never could understand the meaning of radio silent you proved that right after the NEW year. Once again you falsify harassment, your the low by not signing a guestbook about a person you never met, respected or knew, and bragged about the hits and views you got on your social media adsense accounts for it, later to cover up and say like a invalid ummmm don't ya need an aol diskette, ummmm yeah ok that makes sense, in 2015 you need an aol diskette to sign Ralph Baer's guestbook, you just don't care about anything or anyone but yourself and your pockets......

NOW  I highly suggest to these obsessed stalkers that if they are unable to get over me for whatever reasons they have, that they stick with me and avoid harassing charity efforts while claiming they are the "good guys"
Better yet, leave me be altogether. I have a few courses of action I could take, but I'd much rather use my time for my family and my work. In fact, it's why I haven't pursued anything yet. Eight years of obsession by you has done zero harm to me, but has harmed your life considerably. Stick with your toilet videos and whining over niche events asking you to pay for a ticket. That's more in your league.
No further comments will be made. Have a nice weekend, everyone.

Response- Oh you are a good guy now like a good guy doll ? He was not very good and Patrick you proved over the years you are not a person of good or merit, nothing short of lies, mislead and corruption are you ever gonna pay back the people you stole from? and refund your kickstarter supporters for your 3 episode failure your wife filmed you with? Now you want us to follow and or leave you altogether, when you leave this not the first failure of your ruined scene thanks to you, will consider it, we await the imaginary courses of action that cannot stick across state lines and of course since we speak facts of you, it's first amendment rights protected, and your piss broke, and the harm is in your posts and videos, you are feeling it we talk to your fake and real haters/supporters and they let us know how you cry and lose sleep and get drunk over this stuff. I advise you to watch the Toilet videos and learn to clean your finger nails it's why people like you are sick all the time, from not washing fecal matter and urine off, why you get diverticuitis, end up in PC clinics and get stones and other bowl issues. Rudy was offered 200.00 cash Via paypal and another paid tickets to go Rudy declined because he has principal values unlike you and we know u get a free shared room and maybe 100.00 to appear in many cases none, you beg for handouts and done nothing in gaming, Rudy is a gaming god and that is a fact...........


Patrick and  The controls were pretty comfortable when I played it, and I'm picky. Also note that marathon sessions are atypical and not part of the bigger picture
Response- you don't even play games or gamble and just because you post or the company posts these generic pictures  or even videos, does not prove what is being used due to hidden behind the scenes....

Tim Wendel

Cat Despira Test Testia your under investigations by homeland security and fbi for trump and anti hate posts and videos so I just shut up If I were you!!!!!!!!!!!!! and anyone can call them to confirm they know who and well aware of what you are!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick  I'm not aiming to give them an explanation.  

Response- Yet you did with this long pity post hypocrite!!!!
Patrick  And I refuse to hide away from someone who can do nothing but spew mean words my way from his internet safe place. That said, his rants clearly show he has no idea of what I do for a living, so he grasps on what I do have to make public.

Patrick  That's what sparked a response. We're trying to do something that uses gaming to help veterans, children, police and fire, you name it. And they harass it because of some petty misplaced obsession they won't let go of... justifying it with fiction. When I see BS like that I'm gonna call someone to the carpet, regardless of who the target is.
 Response- so it's fiction because you say it is? and you don't help any of the above voting on an antichrist, supporting pizza gate, BLM, illegal immigration and terroism, it kills vets, children, police and fire funds you simple minded person...... we await you to come on Rudy and Joshes show to talk about and call them to the carpet instead of your safe house and nest on your liberal snowflake wall...

Patrick Scott Patterson cannot handle the sting of the truth it hurts and its kills damaging his ill practices, he got phoned by a company charity org, questioning his integrity, it's too bad not enough people have the brains to do the same, we can only hope this cancer vanishes from the dying gaming scene and society as we know it, people like him are why Donald Trump won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson claims to be a rescue, saver, preserver but is supporting conversions

So recently Patrick Scott Patterson is trying to become known as the countries leading garbage picker, thrift man for gaming saves and rescues, when in fact it's all for profit and fame.

We noticed Patrick goes on a rant daily about bashing the President public, but even worse bashes conversions of systems, destruction, even making fun of raspberry pies, led monitors and most of all claims to be about preservation and originality, yet is now supporting the opposite, with building the website, pr, after claiming he is not a pr or reporter and never claimed to be.....

Couple of quick notes about Charity Arcade = Concern?????????

- I'm not the person behind it, I'm their PR guy / social media manager / webmaster.= Already distancing yourself from a company that hired you????????????

- I've known the people behind it for 11 years and can vouch for them fully = You known them for 11 years but all we see is you saying you have no ties just PR/WEBMASTER/SOCIAL MEDIA= you are the nucleus of this operation yet distancing yourself

- For direct questions about it all, use the contact info on the Facebook page or website = Don't worry we have

- No classic arcade games were or will be harmed in the building of these things. The first was built
 from a stripped 8-Line Poker machine provided for the cause.
Now let's do this = Hypocrisy at  it's best it is harmed many gamblers and casino collectors consider it destruction at the end of the day these are ADULT arcade machines and collectable!!!

But See Patrick Scott Patterson you wouldn't understand considering you never learn proper history, and these are getting modern monitors and multi boards which you 100% bash and stand against!!!!!!!!

Closing you one day bash modern technology used in arcades and consoles and now since it is value to your pockets and or z rated fame, you will do all in your power to play MR. Opposite to claim this is for a good cause when in fact you are conflicting your principals that you claim preservationist, collector and rescuer, when in fact you just proved you are for you and only you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way we contacted your source Directly in hopes that fire you and of course let you have it, they are aware of you Presidential Hate, and of course your video game hypocrisy, saves include gambling arcades moron so this is totally against your fake standards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!