Monday, March 13, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson Claims his haters are cowards yet, he has had them barred and banned from events out of fear of confrontation

Patrick Scott Patterson sure is great at lying and fabricating stories but, it's quiet Obvious he is the one that stalks and watches and loves everything Rudy J. Ferretti does, but loves to out the spin on it and play a victim!!!!!!!

Notice in this next daily Pity post he ignores the fundraiser scams and irs issues that are about to arise!!!!!

NOW A question I get asked a lot is how I handle those who claim to hate me yet can't stop looking at me or talking about me, gaslighting and ranting over the smallest things and telling flat out lies about everything from my work and finances to my friends and family.

Response- No you don't get asked a lot about anything, you like to make it sound like you do though, you are the one that hates and cannot stop looking it's proven in your posts and rants daily, you gaslight yourself with lies and dismay and when called out you go coo coo for coco puffs, despite the character has a better appearance than you, nothing small about fraud Patterson, nor are there any lies in what we post about you, just because it's posted against you doesn't make it fake news remember hypocrite?, we know and you make it obvious what you do for a living and your friends are bought, and your family protects you and your wife is the bread winner and your a house wife to say the least!!!!!!!

I see a lot of you going through this sort of stuff, too. From YouTubers and Twitch streamers to actors and chefs and artists, I see all your posts about it in my feed, too.
Over the years, I've come to see that sort of reaction as a badge of honor and a source of humor, and so should all of you. For someone to react and discuss anything and everything you do is a sign that they are emotionally invested in you. They care, and regardless of why they care or why they convince themselves they care, they do. 

Response- you have no actors that support you or know who you are number one, actors don't go ranting like you do on a daily basis nor on social media 18 hours a day fabricating their fake Z Hollywood story, you react to everything Rudy and others do, maybe you are emotionally disturbed and interested in him?, you care obviously, you like to convince idiots and yourself you don't but you do as in your post to twist the facts. I ask how many posts did cat help you write and how many words did you steal from the election???? 

For every one of them, there are 100 more who care in a positive way... maybe more. They just aren't as loud as often but they are out there, and you should listen to them when they tell you as much.
Where I find the humor - besides the leaps of logic they often use - is the fact that they only exist in the safe space known as the Internet. Over the past several years, I've been to 35+ video game and pop culture related conventions... and a guest or partner in over 20 of them. Several of these events were also attended by said haters. Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Tulsa, Nashville, Iowa, North Carolina.... so on and so forth... coast to coast. And this isn't counting the smaller community based events and encounters out and about various cities.

Response- Dude you cannot even get 100 likes on your posts unless it's a cute child or some internet post or pic you stole and repost or writing about a famous notable dead person.  I love how you say they are just silent nice twist, like you listen when you get feedback, you block, silence and or argue, you don't understand how to listen, take advice or change your ill ways, it's a serious sickness you have, and you been told by many. I find humor in your leaps of logic, your safe space is on Facebook, you never gone to 35 events in the past 10 years yeah 35 mostly same places, you have SO never been to Carolina and if you were were is the proof? I will say this spare us u get a free room or shared room and sometimes 100 bucks clap clap big big things Patrick, you don't go coast to coast you are small time and anyone of merit knows it!!!!

Total number of in-person confrontations by these loudmouths? Zero. 0. Non. Nil.

 Response- of course 0 You emailed people about Rudy in fear called them begged them to bar and ban him from ANY event you attend, Rudy was ready to confront you in Vegas coward, you barred him, and the canceled, you bought a gun and got a carry license out of fear of Rudy J. Ferretti, everyone knows it, you are in fear of debating Rudy and any other person that figured you, you bar them from your wall and events, you called Super shit con, and said bar rudy, cge same, all events in Texas,  Rudy has gotten the calls and emails, you lie and say you were threatened, you a coward Patrick. I wish you would open up to that debate or confrontation but you won't Rudy has tried for years but you know you would get trounced in a debate or argument, so you avoid it and make yourself look good.

AND I have zero respect for a person who can only act tough online, yet cower in person. I have zero fear of a person who can only run me down from afar but has nothing to say when 20 feet away from me, or who can't even take a drive down the street and be the same person in real life that they are behind a keyboard.

Response- You have had opportunities to See Rudy face to face in Vegas, Cali and more how can Rudy confront you, debate you or spit in your face when you bar and and get him banned from his own events? You are in fear that is why you say you have no fear, we need to just call you Mr. Opposite, you been offered a grand paypal to be on Rudy's show with Josh, you ignored, you were offered 5k to Kill screen DK you ignored, because your a fraud, your really tough and brilliant behind your keyboard, reporting, complaining on a by min basis.

 OHHH  Hell, few of them even have the stones enough to call me or send a direct e-mail with their beef. I can only laugh and continue to focus on my work, family and various adventures.

Responses- Yes when we call you you ignore or in fear write I will report you for harassment, like a little girl, instead of picking that phone up and trying to debate or plead your case, you don't focus you go and post in code or out loud crying about people shitting on and exposing your ill and dirty work. I love that various garbage pick, thrift shop and good will or auctions adventures hip hip hooray, and yeah work to get the 10k you make living off social media and the govt.

NOW Each and every one of you can as well. It takes time to get there, but you'll get there. If you focus on you and THEY focus on you, then who wins? You do. It's not lost on me that my longest-term stalker fans are in the exact same places in their lives today than they were when they started... because they waste their time on me rather than themselves.
Don't get distracted by the keyboard cowboys out there. Stay focused, stay hungry and keep on going.

Response- It don't take over ten years Patrick, and ill practices and short cuts don't get you there, you don't focus on you, you focus on RUDY and them so THEY WIN, you lose daily, you are the stalker the TG Archives prove that from 2006, that will one day be public, you know the ones you and the wifey called jace in the middle of the night to cover up? I love how you say Rudy is in the same exact place where he started, he has been on national award winning television, in real films, has become the most elite classic gamer, and is SAG, you have a resume of self entered and stolen material, you are flat broke, no real job, live off the govt , you live in the same home, Rudy has places in two states, new cars, get your facts correct, you write and piss on keyboards all day, you are the John Wayne of the Keyboard Cowboys, we know you are hungry keep eating that greasy fast food 7 days a week, maybe your apple and voice box will reappear!!!!!!!!!

And how many more mag and social media jobs u lose
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