Friday, March 10, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson claims to be a rescue, saver, preserver but is supporting conversions

So recently Patrick Scott Patterson is trying to become known as the countries leading garbage picker, thrift man for gaming saves and rescues, when in fact it's all for profit and fame.

We noticed Patrick goes on a rant daily about bashing the President public, but even worse bashes conversions of systems, destruction, even making fun of raspberry pies, led monitors and most of all claims to be about preservation and originality, yet is now supporting the opposite, with building the website, pr, after claiming he is not a pr or reporter and never claimed to be.....

Couple of quick notes about Charity Arcade = Concern?????????

- I'm not the person behind it, I'm their PR guy / social media manager / webmaster.= Already distancing yourself from a company that hired you????????????

- I've known the people behind it for 11 years and can vouch for them fully = You known them for 11 years but all we see is you saying you have no ties just PR/WEBMASTER/SOCIAL MEDIA= you are the nucleus of this operation yet distancing yourself

- For direct questions about it all, use the contact info on the Facebook page or website = Don't worry we have

- No classic arcade games were or will be harmed in the building of these things. The first was built
 from a stripped 8-Line Poker machine provided for the cause.
Now let's do this = Hypocrisy at  it's best it is harmed many gamblers and casino collectors consider it destruction at the end of the day these are ADULT arcade machines and collectable!!!

But See Patrick Scott Patterson you wouldn't understand considering you never learn proper history, and these are getting modern monitors and multi boards which you 100% bash and stand against!!!!!!!!

Closing you one day bash modern technology used in arcades and consoles and now since it is value to your pockets and or z rated fame, you will do all in your power to play MR. Opposite to claim this is for a good cause when in fact you are conflicting your principals that you claim preservationist, collector and rescuer, when in fact you just proved you are for you and only you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way we contacted your source Directly in hopes that fire you and of course let you have it, they are aware of you Presidential Hate, and of course your video game hypocrisy, saves include gambling arcades moron so this is totally against your fake standards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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