Sunday, March 12, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson running a potential illegal charity both on facebook and online

 Patrick Scott Patterson known for underhanded doings may have crossed the line!!!!!!!!!

We have in good faith reported the organization for potential fraud and copyright violations to the IRS
yeah he's also using bootleg 60 in 1 boards to make the games.
that's copyright infringement.
the real game companies do NOT put out just boards it's sold as a dedicated or a complete kit with graphics.
a total scam all the way around.
this guy will do anything to make a buck.

 Their 501(c)(3) Documentation MUST be shown clearly on ALL sites associated with the charity including FB

Now of course we cannot blame Patterson and the nice elderly people since they just didn't know they were hiring a scam artist and of course Patterson only knows how to do illegal practices!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is all kids of copyright infringements on this site and page and for 284 likes and no posts which also tells us he bought likes on Fiverr or blaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice cheap illegal 60-1 boards and monitors from China being used here looks like the machines are backwoods made
Whoever took the picture didn't drink their V-8 and it looks like the CP was painted with rustoleum paint and and old surf board was used maybe a skate board, with cheap happ knock offs, but yet bashes a masterpiece like this

that was an old ready for trash nintendo wide cab ready for trash brought back to life and converted and Patrick bashed it, it's now worth more than the original piece!!!!!!!!!! but according to Patrick Scott Patterson it was destroyed?????

Just Jealous because he doesn't have the skill,talent or ability Keith and the person who made this cabinet refurb has!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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